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John Dewey Day – Across Generations


This is the first posting to this BLOG of the Paternal Branch of my Family and our Family History.  It has been an emotional journey of discovery learning about the origins of our Family.  This BLOG is a tribute in photos, text, and Heart to my Paternal Family Lineage.  This BLOG posting is in honor of my paternal first great grand Uncle John Dewey Day (born Feb 1874 KY – died Feb 1971 OK, age 97), and called "Dewey" within the Family.  

NOTE: ANY errors or inconsistencies in this Short Family Lineage Story are my own, from typing, spelling, or research errors, and will be addressed as time permits and information is gathered.  Comments are welcomed in the spirit they are offered to this compiler.  All dates are approximate, for the records and documents that I have researched have different dates and even locations--very interesting!!

Some Lineage Notes

John Dewey Day's parents are:   John Day (born about 1823 in Virginia) and his second wife Savannah Morley Skidmore Day (born about 1838 in Kentucky), {my paternal second great grandparents}.  They were married about 1860 in Kentucky and there were 10 children in the household listed below:
Rebecca Jane "Becky" Day Bishop (1861-1939) NOTE-1
Frances "Fanny" Day (1862-?)  NOTE-1
Ronald "Ronnie" Day (1863-1870) NOTE-1

John S Day (1864-?)
Sarah Jane Day Collins (1866-1947) {my paternal first great grandmother}
Joseph "Joe" Day (1872-?)
John Dewey Day (1874-1971) {paternal first great grand uncle}
David "Dave" Day (1874-?)
Robert "Bob" Day (1876-?)
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Day (1879-?)

(NOTE-1: These three siblings were from John Day and his first wife Mrs John Day (whose name and lineage I'm still researching and are unknown as of this posting date).

On 20 Nov 1966 in Choctaw, Oklahoma, John Dewey Day at age 92 hand wrote a 2-page letter to his Grand Niece Ruby Lee Bruce Pease, in response to Ruby Lee's letter to him requesting information about the Family.  The parents of Ruby Lee Bruce Pease are Chandler Dennis "Sunny" Bruce (1889-1948) and Georgia Ann Collins Bruce (1901-1979). 

George Ann Collins Bruce is the eighth of nine children born to her parents Morgan Daniel Collins (1854-1934) and Sarah Jane Day Collins (1866-1947) {my paternal first great grandparents}.  AND, Sarah Jane Day Collins is the older sister of John Dewey Day.

John Dewey Day Letter

The two-page letter has handwritten notes on it that explain some of Uncle Dewey's letter and details.  I have transcribed some of the notes; however, the author of the notes is unknown to me.

Below is my transcription with my added punctuation, grammar, and spelling changes to clarify the meaning of Uncle John Dewey Day's letter and the notes on the margin of the letter.  Enjoy my Uncle John Dewey Day's letter; it is one of my most treasured family documents.

                                                       [Photo of Letter - Page 1 of 2]

 John Dewey Day's  Transcribed Letter Page 1 of 2
Choctaw, Oklahoma
November 20, 1966
My Dearest Niece Ruby Lee.  I got your letter and I sure was glad to hear and to know you all was well.  I will try to tell you something about people.
My father's name was JOHN "JONE" DAY and he was born in VIRGINIA.
Your Grandmother's name was SARAH JANE "SARY" DAY COLLINS.
Your Grandmother SARAH JANE DAY COLLINS' older half-sister's name is REBECCA JANE "Beke"  "Becky" DAY, British.  (She was British or of British ancestors, and her mother was JOHN DAY's first wife whose name is unknown.)
And REBECCA'S younger brother's name was RONALD "RONNIE"  DAY.  (He was British or of British ancestors, and his mother was JOHN DAY's first wife whose name is unknown.)
And REBECCA's older sister (she was a younger sister more likely) FRANCES "FANNIE" "FANEY" DAY.  (She was British or of British ancestors, and her mother was JOHN DAY's first wife whose name is unknown.)
My older brother was named JOHN DAY.
Next was my brother JOSEPH "JOE" DAY.
In addition, the next brother was DAVID "DAVE" DAY and then ROBERT "BOB" DAY.
Then the girl sister ELIZABETH "LIZZEY" DAY.
And me, DEWEY DAY.


                                           [Photo of Letter – Page2 of 2]
John Dewey Day's Transcribed Letter Page 2 of 2
SARAH JANE DAY COLLINS (was born 9 Mar 1865).
JAMES ELBERT COLLINS (was born 30 Dec 1884).
WILLIAM SILAS "WILLIE" COLLINS (was born 10 Aug 1888).
NANCY ANNA BELLE COLLINS (was born 25 Dec 1890).
ROBERT GATHER COLLINS (was born 24 Oct 1892).
JOHN DANIEL COLLINS (was born 1 May 1895).
EMMA SARAH COLLINS (was born 17 Jun 1898).
BUDLEY LEE COLLINS (Old Samp Collins was born 13 Sep 1903).
MORGAN DANIEL COLLINS (was born 11 Apr 1856).


Closing Thoughts

OUR FAMILY members may be gone, but their memory and story of their passage survives in our minds, spirit, and Hearts.  From beginning to the present, our Family has taken the best and worst that nature and circumstance had to 'dish out', and managed not only to survive, but also to grow and prosper.  They borrowed ideas, tools, and techniques of some of their neighbors and in turn lent them to others.  They learned the ways of a new land and then embellished on those with their own unique and new ways themselves.  Theirs is a Family Story of success and of failure, of challenge, ingenuity, accomplishment, and even mystery and contradiction.  It is, then, our Family Story – of a people who left their footprints for us to follow.

This BLOG and posting is a tribute in photos, text, and Heart to my Paternal Family Lineage.  They have passed away -- albeit they live on in their legacy and our Hearts.


Dorothy Hazel Tarr